Thinking cap

The cerebral act of thinking almost always takes place with the proverbial thinking cap on. Some are blessed to be able to do it without the cap too. Everyone needs that corner, that space to give rise to thoughts, to set ones imagination free and flying high. For some it may be as personal as ones bathroom, while for others as public as a park. But usually it is a serene, quiet spot where this cap flourishes and unleashes a stream that flows to produce the best. All creative, scientific and literary pursuits are results of this cap being put to best use. It may be adorned at any hour of the day – early morning, late night, afternoon… It may be visible to others or not (for example when someone is sitting on a chair in front of the study table or the computer screen all can ‘see’ the cap, but on the other hand if one is lying down in bed feigning sleep it cannot be ‘seen’!). In the first case, according to me, the cap is red in color while in the second maybe white or grey! So, the cap has colors – in fact it has a personality of its own, or does it don the personality of the wearer? Each cap is different and special and it produces different results – all special…all requiring due appreciation. May be to understand the results of each ones’ thinking cap we need another one ourselves….but if due credit is given to the thought processes of one another it is easier to achieve mutual respect and harmony


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