Being able to choose for oneself is perhaps a significant milestone in the development of an individual. The joy of the proud parents of a child who decides which dress to wear is unparalleled. This ability to choose arises from the freedom of choice. Imagine a scenario where the child instead of being taken to a cupboard full of dresses is given a particular dress to wear. What happens – the child wears the dress! Does choice confuse us? Does it give rise to indecisiveness (or enhances the power of decision making?) along with independence? All the scenarios are possible and true. There are always two sides to a coin, aren’t there? It is not very long ago when a single television or radio channel existed, a person retired from the job he took up thirty years back, married the person he was asked to, ate what was served on the plate – actually examples are aplenty! Choice exhibits growth and development of the society. The more advanced the society, the more choices it offers. It is entirely the prerogative of an individual to make the choice – and the correct one! A slip proves costly but he/she always has the chance to make amends and move forward (all because there are still many more choices!). So, we should be thankful that we have choices and keep counting our blessings (once again, many to choose from!) and choosing wisely.


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