How I wish there was a switch to rewind our lives                               

To relive and savor once again our best moments

But sadly this is not the case as such a switch never exists

Accepting this I have created a device

That helps me enjoy what I miss once or twice

This magic potion is my memory that has no price

And fails me never – once, twice or even thrice!

I travel in time and go to school in crisp uniform

Where I learn, play and perform

Spending carefree and colorful time

Amongst those who are truly mine

Without biases and limitations which come with time

I return to the home that is loving and kind.

On another day I am with my cousins on a family holiday

Where days just fly, fly away

In pure and unstoppable style all of us enjoy

Just enjoy the time that will never wait to cry

For the moments that are etched till the day we die

For this gift of memory I thank the Lord

It helps me cherish the time I am so fond

And makes me realize that our memories are there

To remind us of the moments rarest of rare

So whenever I’m in a mood to rewind

I just sit by the window and decide

To swim with my memory in the pleasant tide.


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