The universal language

India is a country of many languages. Even the dialect of the same language changes after a few hundred kilometers. It lends a uniqueness, a sense of mystic charm. There are many debates and discussions on the topic of a universal language that come up every now and then. I have always felt that a universal language does exist – a smile! It is not bound by states, cultures or regions. It is a smile and it is universal. It’s an ice breaker, a bond builder and a communicator. If you have a doubt just try it and I’m sure you’ll be converted! A smile has the power to bridge gaps in age, caste, creed, religion or any other issue that divides – in fact, it multiplies! It multiplies trust, faith, friendship, harmony and bonhomie. It does not take much, except a few facial muscles (it’s good to keep them exercised!!) to smile. You never know what it may do the person whom it is aimed at. It might have been a bad day for him/her and maybe he/she desperately needed that smile. Babies are the purest creatures and what is their first means of communication – the smile:) Nature too meant it to be the universal language. So we should also indulge in it more often. Even when talking on the phone if you are smiling, the vibes are sure to reach the other side! Such is the power of this simple, relaxing, gentle, unadulterated thing called the smile. It’s always a good idea to be multi lingual and learn languages of our country (it’s great fun, believe me!) and also of the world but just make sure to use the ‘universal language’ liberally! Keep smiling:)


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