Finding long lost life

All of us, I guess, feel at times that something is missing from life. We carry on with our chores mechanically but that zing….that feeling of being blessed is slightly out of focus. It is up to us and only us to bring life back into focus. We have to be like that conscientious photographer who maneuvers the lens to get that perfect focus for the perfect picture. It just needs some of our time and understanding of the need to do so along with the willingness to produce the best results. Spending time with yourself is as important as it is to spend time with others to get that focus. Doing things that you love doing is as important as those you have to do. To find life you just have to make minor modifications in your lens and lo! here’s life in full bloom!!! Some of the things you can do is spend time with children – you will find unadulterated peace and life in their carefree attitude. Nature is where you find life – stay close to it, tend to it, appreciate it, marvel at it. To go back in years and enjoy the little pleasures like bursting balloons, making soap bubbles, dirtying yourself in sand or clay, laughing out loud (at any age!) will help you find life. Never, ever, lose an opportunity to do things that don’t fit into the box – doing ‘out of the box’ things definitely brings life back; so don’t hesitate….it just might be a chance for you to find the long lost life.


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