Breeze of change

Change is the name of the game that is called life

We play to our best accepting with a smile all the strife

‘Cause we know that nothing remains static

And we have to maneuver the jive

The breeze brings along the mystic charm of the unknown

That is the essence of all that is yet to bloom

The flowers, the fruits that carry away the gloom

Of the apprehension and the fear of what seems like doom

A brand new day with myriad hues is waiting to welcome you

With open arms and plenty of surprises in queue

This is the beginning of a phase that is new

And it’s up to you to feel the breeze that is changing life for you.


2 thoughts on “Breeze of change

  1. Tai, this Breeze of change has had such a soothing effect on me.I can’t tell you,how much I needed this dose today.It is helping me realize the importance of acceptance and surrender at times of utter confusion about the future.It is helping me hear my inner voice loud and clear.

    Thanks for this gentle breeze of wisdom!:)

    • We all undergo similar feelings, Bhavya….they are a part of the show…to be taken in their stride… Treating and feeling the change as ‘breeze’ and not ‘winds’ takes us through… Take care 🙂 and thank you for all the wonderful comments!

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