Walking….in the shoes of others

During my walks I see a lot of people – some walk alone and some in company of their better halves or friends. Generally I have observed that older people (60+) walk in groups and the comparatively younger (40-60) with their spouses and those that are in the age group of 25-35 prefer one more person (preferably same sex). Now, that’s totally my observation and hence may have no reasoning. At times I wonder, as an outsider, what are all of them thinking about during this daily ritual. All of us will agree that a morning or evening walk is therapeutic. While the former is a jumpstart to a busy day the latter helps one unwind the hectic day. It is interesting, once in a while, to be ‘them’ while ‘they’ walk

The other day I saw the first category (the 60+) in a group, of course, and began viewing them from outside. They were talking about the importance of remaining fit especially at their age. According to them everyone else (meaning their extended families) was so preoccupied that if they had a health issue it would mean an extra botheration for so many others and hence the adherence to the daily ritual – what a practical point of view and lesson for all!

The predominant topic of conversation of the second category (40-60) that I have come across is what and how to eat. No greens during monsoons, no ‘out of season’ exotic vegetables, fruits to be avoided at night and the likes. They seem to be passing on all the experiences they have had with these in all these years. Nonetheless, there is wisdom here too to imbibe and you can always moderate!

In the 25-35 age group there is usually a discussion going on. It is very difficult to decipher on what, but it feels that their personal stresses and strains are pouring out at these times. There are, perhaps, more anxieties that they are able to handle…. Talking it out with another person definitely takes off some of the load. Another great tip to take back home!

Facial expressions and body language too helps you understand what people are going through. It’s not always that you come across troubled souls. Some of the most jovial and relaxed people are also to be seen. They are the ones who transfer so much of joy to people like me who observe them! May their tribe increase….. and I would certainly love to walk more in their shoes!


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