An open view

Every time I open the windows I remember this first line of a carol we used to sing at our school about 40 years back – “Clear the darkened windows, open wide the door, let the blessed sunshine in…..”. I do not remember the whole song but somehow this line has stayed with me. At that time the line did not mean more than physically opening the windows to get sunshine (once on a cold winter day our Principal passed by our class room and noticing the closed windows came inside and made us sing this song and asked us to open the windows!). But now I realize how important it is to ‘open the windows’ and get the sunshine. We complain of there being no sunshine without realizing that we have kept the windows closed. It is important to be open to be able to receive something – it can be anything from open arms to open minds to open hearts. We limit ourselves…..we set down boundaries…..we decide how much sunshine we get. I have seen children from underprivileged backgrounds excelling – it’s because they are ready to collect the sunshine. A person with disabilities achieving independence is possible only because he/she has kept the doors and windows open to sunshine. There are countless examples of people who have moved forward despite all odds – all because they have learnt to keep the windows open!


4 thoughts on “An open view

  1. Awesome post … just love the way how beautifully you can pen down your thoughts … I will always let the blessed sunshine in !!! Thanks Ma … 🙂

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