These three ‘ms’ are the basis of all human wants. They influence everything around us. What is ‘much’ for me can be ‘more’ for you and ‘most’ for someone else. All progress and development would stop if we stop striving for these three ‘ms’; however, running after them endlessly is also not wise either. This is true in relation to most of other worldly things like money, power etc. It makes me wonder about the things that we are losing out on in chasing these. Do we use the three ‘ms’ in caring for others? I am afraid the answer is usually in the negative. The ‘much’, ‘more’, ‘most’ is very limited to ‘me’. The same 24 hours are now tightly packed for ‘my’ things ignoring everything and everyone else in the process. Each one’s world seems to be shrinking…..for the majority, achieving personal peaks is of prime importance. I guess that is the call of the present competitive times. But that small deed done beyond ‘me’ has its own place. I have very high regard for people who spare time for others once in a while. Our time is the least that we can give. The joy of sharing what we can, knows no bounds. Our personal quest for ‘much’, ‘more’, ‘most’ may continue, but if we can just broaden our perspective I’m sure it will make a difference which will certainly be felt by us.


2 thoughts on “Much…..more…..most

  1. Dear Tai,

    Thanks for this much needed reminder! It touched me to the core…. a warm hug to you.I love you so much!:)

    God bless!

    • Bhavya I feel so good when my thoughts are able to make a difference. You always take them so positively – it’s not easy to accept another person’s point of view. Thank you very much for being so receptive. I hope these tips make your life a little better…..
      Love…take care

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