Color your world

The artist, the painter of your world is you

You and you alone paint the picture pink or blue

You Paint people around and situations too

With brushes few and paints of different hue

You pick and choose always with enthusiasm new

And begin to tap resources like precious dew

Slowly and steadily the colors start giving you a clue

To a masterpiece that’s in store for all and few

Whether it is instantly appreciated or is left to chew

It is the picture that is always identified with you.


4 thoughts on “Color your world

  1. Wonderful, Tai!:)…each and every line is resonating life as it is!
    The last four lines are simply divine! I loved it dearly.


    • Thank you so much Bhavya….thanks for the appreciation and genuine feelings. Here I am trying to share my journey and what I have gathered in all these years – am lucky to build connections!

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