Morning raaga

In Indian classical music ‘bhairavi’ is the morning raaga. It is supposed to be sung and heard in the morning. But here I am wondering about the ‘morning raga’ each one of us sings (and hears!) every morning irrespective of the fact that we are Indian classical music enthusiasts or not. For the housewife the milkman’s knock on the door or the shrill whistle of the pressure cooker in the kitchen is the morning raga. For the school going children it is the horn of their school bus or the sharp alarm clock signaling them to start the day. For the office goer (who, perhaps, is able to steal a few more winks than the first two!) it is the persistent wake up calls, the pitch of which becomes higher each time it is repeated). The raaga in the house that is readying a four year old (yes, the whole house is involved in the process and hence everyone is either singing or hearing the raaga!!) is at its peak. The same house two hours later is dead silent – it is difficult to imagine that it was the venue of the morning raaga sometime back. This morning raaga is as difficult to understand as is ‘bhairavi’ (you cannot decipher the words easily in either!). But it is so much a part of your life that you start missing it on a Sunday! It is then that you come to understand the role a raaga plays in your life.


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