A harbinger – the Postman

A couple of days back I wrote about the cycle-rickshaw and the rickshaw-wallah. In the same spirit I truly want to talk about another humble soul today and that is the postman. Most people my age will remember this topic of the essay writing class and which was always considered mundane, boring and routine. But now when the species is endangered and almost extinct we crave to give it a thought. As far back as the 1980s the postman was the sole medium through whom letters/messages reached their destination. It was the time when landline phones were owned only by senior government officials or the very affluent and mobile phones were almost unheard of. Twice a day people waited for this humble soul to arrive on his bicycle which always had a peculiar ‘ring tone’. The good news of the letter he delivered was shared with him (he inevitably became part of the family) and he also sensed the bad news that a letter brought and quietly stood there to share your grief too. There was clearly a bond that existed – he actually became the person whose letter he delivered. I definitely miss this personal touch. Whatever few letters that arrive today are either put in your letter box at the gate (they were always hand delivered earlier!) or in the ground floor lobby of your apartment. That human bonding is vanishing….difficult to say if it is good or bad….. Certain professions will become extinct with time – technology and development come with a price – the price of diminishing bonds. At times you long for all that is lost enroute…..


2 thoughts on “A harbinger – the Postman

  1. Thanks for posting it Tai:)…I could feel all the emotions that has gone into writing this food for thought.I feel,the only way out to keep the POSTMAN alive is to be one.Let us all be in constant touch and make each other feel that we are always around.
    May God give us strength to put the teachings of the past into the making of the future.Amen.


    • I simply love your thought of being the ‘postman’….very touching and true….a little thought for our near and dear ones can make such a lot of difference. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns and thank you so much for always taking my words seriously – it feels good….

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