Fine tuning life

Most gadgets come with a fine tuner with the help of which the user can restore any deviation from the normal, if observed. It is this little switch that is the key to smooth functioning of the gadgets. What if there is a similar switch to fine tune our lives? Like the mechanical gadgets life too has its hiccups and requires fine tuning. The first step of the process is the realization of its need. In the gadgets we usually hear an odd sound or notice a technical error to pin point the problem area, and then take the necessary remedial action. To ‘hear’ such a sound or ‘feel’ that glitch in life we require a certain level of sensitivity to understand the deviation and the skill to then fine tune it to ensure its smooth running once again. If we are able to inculcate that sensitivity we have taken the first step. The sooner we are able to realize, the more effectively we are able to brace ourselves to deal with it. After this comes the task of actual fine tuning. It is here that there is a huge difference between a gadget and life! Unlike them where there is a common switch to fine tune a common error, in life each individual has his or her own personal fine tuners. For some it may be music for others sleep, for some shopping and for others eating! Some seek company, others isolation. Some like to weep, some laugh their hearts out. Some indulge in physical activity while for others rest may do the trick. Reading may be the fine tuner for some and talking for others. It’s just a personal choice and what works! The earlier in life we are able to recognize our fine tuners, the smoother our journey. The road is bound to have speed breakers – fine tuning at the right time  ensures an enjoyable ride!


11 thoughts on “Fine tuning life

  1. I liked it very much!:)…So true ,Tai!…There is a cue for us in everything.Thanks for bringing it up.I loved the title:)


  2. Thanks Bhavya…thank you so much! I try to touch upon my observations and they all end up in a valuable lesson – hope I do not sound preachy because that’s not my intention…sharing is!

  3. Blessed to have a mother,friend,mentor,confidant like you in my life…….. Guess am God’s fav child as he has bestowed upon me a blessing like you 🙂

  4. It’s truly a blessing to have you,Tai!…Keep sharing such valuable lessons.They inspire us to live a better life! and I wish this kind of preaching to be forever alive! We need good preachers!


  5. I am commenting here for the first time although i am a genuine reader at this place;
    After reading this particular article i was just searching for the comment box, to share my completeness after reading this.
    I guess every soul on this earth needs some Fine Tuning at different stage of life and we don’t know where that switch is, and we keep on searching for it.
    Aunty, thanks a lot for making the life easy by briefing the thoughts here, I will try my best to figure out my switch to fine tune.

    Loved the article 🙂

    • Thank you very much Harsh! I am happy that I am able to use my experience to good use here…. I may not be able to provide all the answers but if I succeed in shedding some light the effort is worthwhile, I guess… Thank you once again.

  6. I agree to you … But the only problem is that with gadgets we can recondition them to factory settings without any glitch and may be we can live with the loss of the data but its not so about “Life”… A reboot works fine for me.. 🙂 As they say in tech support lingo… “have u tried it switching it off and switching it on?”

    • The ‘switching on and off’ is true for life situations too….and works as well. Yes, the ‘loss of data’ bit is unacceptable as far as life goes. Thanks for reading and giving a thought to my posts.

    • I think “Life” also faces reboots, and these reboots are much more dynamic than what a gadget have to face. A gadget only faces loss of data, but a “life” has to face loss of data, emotions, moments, and many more…

      • True….very true…..but life needs to go on and it is up to us to make or break it….making it requires strength and courage and life is all about it. Have a great journey ahead…..

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