Doing things differently

This is an art – the art of doing things differently! Believe me, the people who master it have a more fulfilling and happy life. If we cannot master it, let’s at least try and do one of our daily chores differently and experience the zing it brings to the otherwise mundane activities. Let’s begin with the cup of tea that we have every morning – have lemon tea instead of the usual tea with milk and the day will start on a tangy note! Cut fruits and vegetables in a different shape (try round slices of apple!). My mother almost always unconsciously practiced this and now on retrospection I feel that she owed her bright and interesting personality to this trait. Actually, what happens is that by experimenting with simple things we are enjoying life….its novelty. We are stimulating creativity. This prepares us to take challenges and life is full of those. Doing things differently doesn’t mean a state of chaos – habits are definitely required and good habits should be sustained and encouraged but with a little change you may add the spice! If children are encouraged and duly praised for any task done differently you make sure you are giving them what they need most. One of the reasons why most adults shy away from doing things differently is because as children they have not had a good experience with that. For our children to have a vibrant and fulfilling life let’s give them a chance to be different now and provide them the secret recipe!


2 thoughts on “Doing things differently

  1. Wonderful Post-Interesting and Inspiring!:)
    I have already started thinking about what should I do differently today as an exercise to help me develop this habit:)


    • Try it and I’m sure you will love it! Thank you so much for always appreciating my piece – we have a liking for similar things I guess…same pinch!

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