There is never a moment too dull to crib about

If we cherish everything that is around

Everything that is a gift precious enough to brag about

The life, the breath, the new day….

Are they not reasons to celebrate?

When the load feels to be too heavy

Just picture a family in midst of a tragedy

It lessens the pain and gives you the hope

That helps and empowers you to cope

And soothes your nerves to savour your booty!

Then will come a day which is bright and sunny

And life to you will be all sugar and honey

Enjoy that piece of cake with the cherry on the top

You have been blessed with the best of the lot

All because you kept the faith and never lost the hope!


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Tai,you really express so beautifully well in verse 🙂
    Hats Off!
    Loved it very much! 🙂

    Thanks so much for this wonderful read-It was so heartwarming to read it!:)


    • Thank you once again Bhavya! I’m just trying it out…..and it feels good that you all are liking it – motivation to keep at it and improve.

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