The fun of having fun

When did you have fun the last time? Most of us, I’m sure, will have to think hard to answer this simple question. Have we stopped enjoying little pleasures of life…..pleasures that cleanse the soul and leave you refreshed! Does a visit to the mall/multiplex do that to you? Has that become more of a routine and merely another way of passing time after a hard days/weeks work – just give it a thought…

Recently I read a review of a book titled “101 things to do before you grow up” (it’s top most on my purchase list). It seems it talks about simple things you need to do just for fun like blowing soap bubbles or playing with sand/mud. They seem too basic as compared to the highly innovative, well researched tecniques of relieving stress that are available today. Is the child playing in the sand pit having more fun than the one playing computer games in an AC room? To each one his own, I agree, but just experience both and then choose which one is for you.

The reason behind my conviction is my experience. While working at the Children’s Center I keep referring to, I have had a generous dose of this kind of unadulterated fun. I have sat at the potter’s wheel and made weird looking objects, woven wicker baskets of all other shapes than round, splashed paint on wall murals and dirtied my hands with moon mud (yes, a mixture of arrowroot powder, cream of tartar and food color is simply out of this world and hence is rightly coined ‘moon mud’) and play dough and have had lots of fun! It may seem childish to some, but there is fun in being child like. For a change let that child in you come alive and have fun – you have one life to live!


2 thoughts on “The fun of having fun

  1. After reading this,I am really ready for my fun-ride!:)
    It has tuned me in a happy mood:)

    Let’s have real fun!:)


    • Do go ahead and continue to stay in the same mood and enjoy little pleasures that we are fortunate to have…..have a good day/week ahead!!

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