Scents that make you smile

In today’s times of fancily packaged and creatively named deodorants and perfumes can we stop for a while and think of scents that make us smile? The smell of wet earth after the first rain, I’m sure, brings a smile to everyone’s lips. Fruits and vegetables plucked freshly from one’s kitchen garden emit a fragrance which cannot be compared to any other. Passing by a Champa tree or a Jasmine bush is intoxicating and has the power to make you smile even on a hot and humid day. The pine scented air on a winding hill road is something to experience – an experience that stays with you for a lifetime. All our sense organs are very strong and help us connect with the world around us. The sense of smell is unique – it stays with you and has the power to make you smile long, long after the source is no more. It helps catch culprits and reunite lovers. It is the essence of all cooking. It is also the root cause of addictions to tea, coffee, cigarette or alcohol. Perhaps, it was the power of smell that made William Shakespeare pen those famous lines “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. So, let’s enjoy the gift of smell that we possess and savour our surroundings – for life.


2 thoughts on “Scents that make you smile

  1. I truly agree. My journey has been just more than half of yours and I already miss most of it. Things are not the way they used to be. I have been to several places, all have a unique scent and the most distinctive is the scent of the home city. But now all that has been taken over by the scent of concrete all over. There used to be days when every morning seemed fresh but now when I go out at 5 in the morning for the walk [ yes i do occasionally if im awake all night] something seems to be misssing amidst all the construction work going all around… I wish I could get some time everyday to smell the fresh cut grass in the park or the blossoming flowers or the new leaves on the sidewalk trees… Just a wish…

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