Learning v/s Teaching

Recently we all read in the papers about the visually challenged girl who cleared the top Management Entrance Exam. Hats off to her and her teacher! The happiness and satisfaction of the teacher who had been instrumental in her achievement was unparalleled. Success and failure of any child is a joint venture of both the teacher and the learner. We have to give due credit (or discredit) to both. A school that has high scoring children has the teachers to thank along with the students. On most occasions we felicitate the students if they do well, but do we give enough recognition to the teachers behind them? It is easy to criticize the faculty for failures but is there a motivation for them? We have to realize that they too are human and driven by positive feedbacks as all of us are. A good teacher is always behind a good student. The interest in learning is passed on to the student by the teacher and the one who is successful in doing so has made the path easy for both the student and himself/herself. We have often heard that these days teachers are not the same as they used to be, but have we wondered at what we have given back to the teachers? The reverence of yore is no longer seen. To cultivate a better crop we need to have both better seeds and better farmers. A perfect combination can be lethally superb as the visually challenged youngster and her fantastic teacher. Kudos to both!!


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