Wrap it up……in style

 The joy of unwrapping a gift is one which, I’m sure, all of us have experienced. The excitement of guessing what is inside preceding the process of unwrapping, and finally the pleasure of seeing the gift is unparalleled. The gift, no doubt, is important but the wrapping is equally, if not more at times, crucial. I still remember the beautiful wrapping of the gift I had received on my 12th birthday (it had three white chrysanthemums taped on to it!) though, very honestly, I do not remember what the gift was! It says a lot about the giver – the type of wrapping paper, its color, texture and the message on it – all. I’m sure all of us have loved those crisp wrapping sheets, ribbons, flowers, bows and other accessories used to wrap the gift (I preserve all of them!). They convey the thought and the warmth behind choosing them! We take great pains to choose the gift, but how many of us wrap it up with the same gusto (or do we make the mistake of thinking that wrappers get torn anyway and it is what’s inside that matters)? Big brands now-a-days have succeeded in cashing on the appeal of packing purely for commercial purposes but I suggest you wrap a gift for your loved one for emotional purposes and see the effect for yourself. So, go ahead and wrap it up….in style.


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