It’s a dog’s life

The famous adage “It’s a dog’s life” has been proved wrong in today’s times. Man’s best friend, now-a-days, leads a luxurious life. Lucky he (the man or the dog?)

It all begins on the day the puppy comes home…. He (the puppy, of-course!) is the center of attraction and receives  more attention than he ‘demands’. You jump at his slightest indication of discomfort or you may have to clean puddles…. If it is summers he gets the room with the most efficient AC, and the winters have him occupying the sunniest balconies and the coziest mattress. Now comes the feeding and the grooming. The vet is more than eager to offer you the ‘best’ pet food available in the market (yes, the imported one!), vaccination and grooming schedules. You wonder if you have ever followed that for anyone else? But then it is a dog’s life!

He grows up fast, faster than you had imagined, occupying more space and demanding even more attention. He is gaining weight and you are losing…….. you seem thrilled at both! Your walks had never been so regular as they are now. He is the one who wakes you up each morning with his whimper and pulls at you same time every evening to go out (irrespective of the fact that you have just come in!).His body clock is more precise for his food than any other clock in the world and you have to be fully prepared with his meals ready at the exact time (to the nearest minute!) if you want your hair intact (and not pulled by you in frustration at the ruckus that follows if you do not adhere to it!).

This four legged creature actually leads a ‘master’s life” wherein he commands and demands and the others follow. All of us, I am sure, wish for “a dog’s life”!!


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