Conversation with nature

Is it possible to strike a conversation without the use of words? Forty years back, on a long train journey, my father introduced me to it. He had been looking out of the train window for hours when I asked him what he was doing. “I am talking to nature”, he replied. It was difficult for a ten year old to completely comprehend what he meant. But that day I was introduced to a scenario where there can be a conversation in silence.

Today these ‘silent’ conversations are an integral part of my daily routine. I take out time and engage in them because they give me immense tranquility. In the hustle bustle of city life where the chance of the sounds of screeching cars, speeding buses and honking bikes is the most likely to hit your ears, your morning walk can be the time to converse with nature. If I miss a day ( sleeping late on a Sunday!) my favorite Gulmohar tree in full bloom at the entrance of our building asks me the next morning -“Where were you yesterday?” I need to wish “Good Morning” to the tall Ashokas, the majestic Neem, Peepul and Banyan along the road ( and believe me, they reciprocate!) daily to have a good day myself.

With an active drive to plant trees and make the city greener you certainly have a chance to talking to so many of them! Have you listened to the birds and the breeze? They have a brand new chart buster ready each day! Its only sad that we have our head phones stuck tightly onto our ears during our morning walks…..We want a green city without a green soul….. The trees will continue to stand tall providing shade, the flowers will continue to fill our day with color, the birds and the breeze will continue to compose songs – they do not demand a conversation but if we engage in one, it purifies our soul!


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