Finish…….what you begin

The joy of finishing a job knows no bounds, a job well done is the icing on the cake and finishing first is the cherry on that icing. But the cake is the base – the foundation – and it is the sweetest! Any job has to be completed. Are we, somewhere, not completing jobs because there might be a chance of finishing the second best? Or is it because the weight of the frustration of not being able to reach there before others is too heavy to carry it to the end? In the over ambitious pursuit of trying to be the best are we not finishing at all? Is winning the race more important than finishing it? If there are ten people running in a race, can there be a ‘first’ without the other nine? They are as important, if not more. Will the race be the same if just two people are participating? Only when the others finish behind does the winner win. “Life is a marathon, not a 100 meter dash” is a childhood lesson I will never forget…. If we are able to instill the importance of diligently pursuing and finishing what we begin, without thinking that where we will be standing in the end, in our children, I feel we are equipping them well enough to handle life. Quitting is easy and that which is easy may not be the best. To carry on and finish what we set out to do is the biggest victory.


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