Slice of life

Relishing a slice of ones favorite pizza or cake is a pleasure only the person can feel and cherish. Coming out of a posh bakery stocked with goodies, one evening, I encountered a little boy, who must have been about eight and his sister (maybe six) in tattered clothes. The boy had a bunch of colorful balloons which he was trying to sell to people coming out of the shop. He pestered me to buy one for Rs.10. My first reaction was “No, I don’t need it”. The diligent salesman that he was, he went on to give me reasons why I should buy them – they were of a very good quality, rare colors and would make someone happy. The last reason hit me hard and suddenly I looked at his sister who was hiding behind him shyly. Looking at her blank expression, it seemed as if she never smiled. I called her asking her name and she hid even more. I purchased two balloons and called her again offering her the booty. She nervously left her brother’s shirt which she was holding tightly and came forward, confused. Handing her a balloon in each hand – balloons which were hers now – I felt I had shared a slice of life. A genuine, innocent smile crossed her chapped lips and completely justified the boy’s reason for buying the balloon. While reversing the car, through my rear view mirror I could see the girl relishing the slice of life


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