The perfect parting gift

All of us have given and received parting gifts. These are things we cherish for life. They have memories of the person attached to them.

One of my very dear friends before leaving the city upon her husband’s transfer gave the perfect parting gift to the lady who worked in her house , Rani. Rani was a simple, illiterate but an opinionated and very determined lady. Her husband was an alcoholic and spent his earnings as a daily wage earner on his vice. Rani worked in people’s houses (she came to my friend’s and my house for the daily chores) as a maid and looked after the running of her house. Her elder son had to start working since he was ten as the family needed money. Rani desperately wanted her second son, who was seven, to go to school but the conditions in the family and lack of awareness came in between. She shared her dream with my friend and on hearing about it my friend made it her mission to get Rani’s son admitted to a school before leaving. To find a school which she can continue sending her son to, was the priority for her now. Amidst the numerous tasks which pile up at ‘transfer time’, admission of Rani’s son was on her agenda. The school had to be affordable, good and ready to take the boy. Convincing Rani’s husband actually came before this. Diligently completing all of these, my friend finally succeeded in her efforts and gave that perfect parting gift to Rani – her son in a school.

P.S. – My friend is still in touch with Rani and monitors the boy’s progress regularly. The world does have wonderful people!


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