What happens when?

These are some of those ‘foot in the mouth’ situations which have actually happened! I’m sure all of us have experienced similar ones….

You take a sick leave from office to spend the day with your dear friend who is in town just for a day. Having lunch at a famous restaurant of the town, with a lavishly spread table, you find your boss on the next table having a business lunch meeting. 🙂

You go out for a drive and the car stops on a secluded road far away from the city. You forgot to check the needle of the fuel tank before starting. 😛

On a Sunday when you do not want to cook, you get a call that ten people will be joining you for lunch and they decide to stay back for dinner as well. 😀

It starts pouring while you are on a long walk on a sultry evening in your cool, summery, white dress. 🙂

A group of college going teenagers is discussing their teachers in not very appreciative terms and at the end of the ‘teacher bashing’ session realize that the son of the lecturer who was the butt of most of the assaults is among them. 😛

You plan a relaxing afternoon siesta and the doorbell rings to greet you with a bunch of guests. 🙂

You prepare the most exotic ingredients for a baked recipe and just when the stage of putting it in the oven comes the transformer of your locality bursts…..no current for the day!!

Did I hear you say – Oh! That just happened the other day with me!  🙂


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