The Famous five

What, why, when, where, how???? They are the famous five. Everything under the sun boils down to either one of these. They are behind all discoveries, inventions, philosophies and theories. Even the juiciest, cattiest and weirdest gossips owe their existence to them. To imagine a world without them is difficult – it’s like taking the salt away from the dish! Life would be bland….we will still eat to fill our stomachs but without the joys, pleasures and the fun! A child’s unraveling of the world around him begins with these famous fives and continue to be his friends for life. One chooses one’s friends and if you choose these five you are bound to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is also never too late to befriend them – age has nothing to do with it. We all know of grandmothers and grandfathers climbing the Mount Everest or going to Antarctica – they are the ones who have made the famous five their friends! People who crib, complain and blame life are the ones who need their friendship the most!! So, let’s begin our friendship with the famous five NOW.


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