Can anyone question the importance of ‘support’? In spite of the demands of independence and freedom in today’s time and age, one has to accept that we will always be indebted to support ….. All of us arrive in this world with the support of the umbilical cord. It is literally everyone’s life and blood. We let go of this support the moment we get the freedom and independence….but actually what we do is that we shift the support. Our entire being now cannot survive without the support of our mother (or a caretaker) who plays the role of the umbilical cord. The next stage of letting go of this support and enjoying the freedom and independence is when we are capable enough to take care of ourselves and can manage our needs. We no longer require our mother’s constant care and the support shifts to friends and the environment from here on. We are independent and free – what bliss! One friend deserts us and where do we go – for support, there is a change in the environment which is not to our liking and what do we do – look for a familiar place for support. Governments, businesses, empires all run on support. The process continues……even to reach our final resting place we need support. To me, therefore, support is truly ultimate.


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