Complementing each other!

Every thing in the world needs to complement the other to live a symbiotic life. This is true of people and things alike. Without it there would be chaos and anarchy around.

Whenever the issue of complementing crops up, I am immediately reminded of my parents as the best example. Parents are the most natural and the very first idols of a child and so were my parents for me and still continue to be – long after they have gone….. Both of them shared their life for nearly four decades and what a life it was! Perfect partners they were – though poles apart in their likes, dislikes and personalities. Complementing each other at every twist and turn was their forte. It was something that their friends and family talked about and secretly envied too! When I was young, I was not able to understand anything more than this that my parents are the best. But now I am able to reflect and see the reason for their being the BEST – it was their being able to perfectly complement each other. My father was an introvert and my mother an extrovert, but they knew the other so well that this vast difference seemed to vanish when they were together. Both knew their domains and quietly, effortlessly slipped into them. The result was there for everyone to admire.

It was not that there were never any difference of opinions between them but again both complemented each other here as well. They would take up positions where the conflict got resolved in its natural progression. That is – complementing each other!


3 thoughts on “Complementing each other!

  1. Yes. In a good family no father can do without the mother and vice versa.
    Excellent writing about an excellent couple from an exceptional daughter.

    • Am not sure if I have been able to convey fully what both of them actually were…..but nonetheless I will cherish their memories.I am honoured with the compliment!!

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