Park in the dark

I had never thought how would the park opposite my flat would look in the dark until the other day when in the middle of a power cut at an unearthly hour I went to fetch a bottle of chilled water from the refrigerator in the kitchen. My half closed (or half open?) eyes saw a spectacle through the kitchen window which prompted me to write about it….. This park is the busiest, noisiest and the most colorful centre piece of the society where I stay. In the mornings it is full of the youngest and the oldest residents while the children and teenagers swarm it in the early evenings and by late evenings it transforms into a joint for the young, working couples to relax after a busy day at work. But that night the park was still, colorless except for the silvery hue of the moon and tranquil…..its personality had undergone a magical transformation….I love its exuberance but its solemnity was gripping! It appeared bigger, cleaner and at peace with itself. So, the next time you get a chance to ‘visit’ a park in the dark just do it – it will light up a whole new world!


2 thoughts on “Park in the dark

  1. Reminds me of a night spent in a forest resthouse with moonlight washing the
    compound; full of deer grazing in peace.
    Tranquil piece.

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