A game called Solitaire

The origin of the card game of Solitaire must have been ‘solitary’- the state of being alone…. Yet it has been giving company to countless people….ironical!

I fell prey to its company not very long ago ( after I quit working full time – ironical again, as most people are addicted to it while at work!) and now it’s my constant companion. I realized that something as common and simple as a card game has a profound role to play in a person’s life. This is actually true of many things and instances that we come across. Just look around you and there are so many things that can become a game of ‘solitaire’ for you! One has to be on the lookout for one’s ‘solitaire’. It can be anything from music to books to long walks – you just have to ‘feel’ its company and enjoy! Each other’s company is for a limited time and at some stage of life all of us need to have our ‘solitaire’. When we are young and engrossed in our own busy worlds, perhaps, the need for the ‘solitaire’ is not pressing – we neither have the time nor the inclination. But just as you save for a rainy day I would suggest own a ‘solitaire’ today rather than wait for the rain!


6 thoughts on “A game called Solitaire

  1. Have you noticed that Solitaire is the only thing in life that demands absolute honesty. I think you have penned down the essence of a candid life beautifully 🙂

  2. A very good piece of writing backed with wisdom and experience.

    This is a game I could never play, but solitude is positively the greatest company.

    As someone said, “Half the problems of the world are because of a person’s inability to

    sit in a room alone.”

    • I too have been enjoying the pleasures of solitude only very recently and strongly recommend it to all.Thanks once again – coming from you it means a lot.

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